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Families move on languages education in Victoria

The symposium for families project started last year when a group of parents at Richmond West and Abbotsford primary schools embarked on an investigation of options for languages education in the high schools around their area.

The picture that has emerged is heartening. Victorian secondary schools are moving towards the Content and Language Integrated Learning approach that has been operating in Europe since the mid 1990s. The integration of language and content is now a key strategy of the Victorian Government’s Vision for Language Education.

Queensland has been innovative in the field of secondary level CLIL education. 12 immersion programs in languages ranging from Chinese to German operate in Queensland’s high schools.

Simone Smala, a researcher and lecturer at University of Queensland has focused her research on this type of education in Queensland’s high schools. She instigated the symposium project by offering to come to Melbourne and answer our group’s questions about language immersion programs for secondary schools.

Maria Gindidis, a researcher and lecturer at Monash University has also offered to present her work on the cognitive benefits for all students and enhanced engagement opportunities for gifted children learning in a language immersion environment.

The seminar date of April 18 was set last year. The first seminar will take place at Hawthorn Secondary College. It is hoped further seminars will take place in other parts of Melbourne and Victoria. Join our group to stay up to date with future seminar information.


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