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হ্যালো, હેલ્લો, γεια σας, hola, kaixo, 你好, ahoj, नमस्ते, szia, สวัสดี, hallo, bonjour, dia duit, ಹಲೋ, ஹலோ, مرحبا (to be continued)…

Interest in Australian approaches to languages education comes from every corner of the world. Over the three months this site has been in existence, its 317 viewers have come from 18 different countries including Peru, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Indonesia, Canada and the US. Although Australian visitors are in the majority, I’m amazed at the attention from international audiences. I imagine Peruvian, Arabian, Hungarian and Canadian viewers monitoring the development of multilingual learning in Australian schools. I marvel at Taiwanese and Czech visitors reading about our humble seminar.

More than anything I’m impatient to publish the sights and and sounds that emerge from the seminar on April 18. International visitors will hopefully return from Bahrain, UK, New Zealand, India, Qatar, Greece and Switzerland to find out more.  Hear from Simone Smala and Maria Gindidis about how language learning can be woven through the school curriculum to prepare students for life in a global society. Listen to responses to questions about how this type of education activates students’ curiosity about the world beyond English.


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